Capital Assets is a specialist Property Asset Management advisory firm. We are a multi-disciplined practice and give strategic property advice to property and portfolio owners.

Capital Assets ensures property assets are organised and structured most efficiently to ensure the assets are operating at their optimum level and the maximum long term value of the assets is achieved.

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Property Asset Management

Our Services

• Asset and Portfolio Management.
• Property Management.
• Optimising Energy Performance.
• Maximising Return on Land Banks.

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Working with Clients across all sectors of the Property Market, Capital Assets has a large depth of experience....

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Capital Assets
41 Fitzwilliam Place,
Dublin 2
Tel: +353 1 662 4096

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Key Business AreasProperty Asset Management

Property Asset Management relates directly to business strategy and maximising return and involves the whole life management of property assets from ‘cradle to grave’.

Through effective Property Asset Management, Capital Assets ensures the following outcomes can be expected;

  • Create a financial and asset management framework for the management of Property Assets
  • Evaluating future investment options for development land, brownfield sites and completed developments
  • Developing value-added and alternative uses for the long term
  • Providing a level of investment return and ongoing debt:equity monitoring
  • Managing risks associated with acquisition, consolidation and joint venture opportunities
  • On going financial appraisal to ensure property assets are functioning at their optimum